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TUESDAY 27th NOVEMBER 2018  – 7PM FOR 7.30PM

In England in 1962, Edward Mayhew and Florence Ponting first meet after graduating from their respective universities. He is a history major and rock-and-roll lover; she is a classical violinist with her own burgeoning quartet. They fall in love quickly, engage in a pleasant courtship, meet each other’s families, and eventually decide to get married, despite their differences in background and social status.

Florence is secretly anxious about the wedding due to her fears about sex and possibly also for other reasons, but there is no one she can discuss this with. On Edward and Florence’s honeymoon at Chesil Beach, their backgrounds begin to come to the fore: Edward’s historic quickness to anger and sometimes physical belligerence, and Florence’s unspoken past with her father, who dominated her and possibly molested her. They are both inexperienced sexually, and their first attempt at sex goes badly wrong. Florence flees down the beach, and after being confronted by an angry Edward, finally concludes that she loves him very much and wants to be with him for life but can only be a platonic wife, which Edward rejects. They part ways and their marriage is annulled.

Thirteen years later, in 1975, a subdued and fairly morose Edward owns a record shop. He accidentally learns that Florence is married and has a child, and he painfully reminisces about his love for her and their unfortunate misunderstanding. Much later, in 2007, a very lonely Edward overhears on the radio that Florence’s quartet, which includes her husband, will be giving a farewell concert after 50 years of professional success. He attends and sits prominently front and centre and when their eyes meet, Edward and Florence shed silent tears of regret.

£7.00 Non Members   …   £5.00 Members   …   Membership £2

Tea/Coffee & Popcorn.  Choc Ices on sale during the interval.

Wine now on sale!!! Bring your own Beer, Nibbles, Blankets !! Relax and Enjoy….