Chideock Chatters Rice & SpiceI am sure everyone in the village would like to thank our wonderful Covid 19 Support Group or Community Group as it was more commonly called.  I know they have helped so many in the village especially the elderly and the vulnerable from collecting their newspapers to delivering their medical prescriptions.  Recently Dorset County funded a Grant to help all these community groups and I am happy to say that our group has had a grant of £600 approved.  Up until now this community website has helped in the funding of printing posters, soup cartons, etc., but this new grant will allow the volunteers to purchase face masks which we feel would give their clients a little more confidence.  Below are many other activities the group and others, i.e. The Chideock W.I are involved in but everyone is working together to make sure all are as safe as can be in our village.

  • Over 450 flyers were printed and delivered, before the lockdown, so that the elderly residents who do not have contacts within the village, would not be worried about prescriptions/food
  • Many journeys have been made to and from Lloyd’s pharmacy, due to the queuing times. This incurs additional petrol costs to a solo trip. We had 3 volunteers standing in the queue for up to 6 hours per day, for a week. This is likely to start again now that they are no longer delivering and are only accepting 3 prescriptions at a time. We have a lot more than 3 villagers to help!
  • Tanya has been making and delivering soup to a number of local residents – cost of ingredients and containers to transport the soup to the person in need.
  • Phone bills to and from the residents, for company, with phone calls sometimes lasting up to an hour at a time
  • All of the efforts that the WI are putting in sewing laundry bags and other PPE equipment. ……Stay safe