Hi All
I trust you are all safe and well and finding plenty to do!!!
The volunteers have been running now for two weeks and we think it all seems to be going ok.
We started with huge problems with prescriptions but hope this will soon be resolved.  We have managed to sign people up to home delivery, if we have had a prescription in the last week.   Lloyd’s are not happy with the volunteers asking on your behalf, so could we please ask you to help.   if you have a prescription you would like collected, could you call Lloyds chemist and ask for a home delivery.  The prescriptions will then be sent out to you by a driver.  Obviously, we are very happy to deliver to prescriptions to the pharmacy on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  The phone number for Lloyds Pharmacy is 01308 424350.
Shopping….  We have managed to deliver lots of shopping requests around the village.
Could we ask you to take a look at ‘Click & Collect’ online at Morrisons/Waitrose.  If you are able to order your shopping like this, then we can find volunteers to go and collect it for you, making life very simple.
Also, those who already shop with ‘Click & Collect’  could you let us know when your order is due and maybe we could add someone’s small shop to it  (no more than 10 items).
We would like to thank all the ladies and gents that have been on standby for us to call.  A huge thank you to our paperboy and general dog’s body Jamie from the George Inn and Suzy Pengelly and Sue Allen for spending hours standing in the queue for prescriptions.
Keep smiling everyone and raising your glasses in the garden on a Tuesday at 12 noon!!!
Stay safe and if you need us, call us.
Jane, Sue & Frances
Warren House Bed and Breakfast
Main Street  Chideock Dorset DT6 6JW
01297 489 996