Here too?

You may have already heard rumours that the Bopper Bus is closing down. As you know the Bus has been running since 2003 and during those thirteen years -370 children from around the Marshwood Vale and along the A35 have had the opportunity to visit Bridport Leisure Centre to learn new sports, improve their swimming and make friends with children from other schools.We could not have kept this service going without your help together with, nearly 50 other volunteers, who have given their time and commitment for many years on Friday evenings to look after the children.Despite trying for the past year, we have been unable to replace the Management Committee in full or find enough long term escorts to fulfil the requirements to maintain the service and keep the bus running successfully into the future. Kate and Lyn have served on the committee for 13 years, Kate as Chair, Lyn as Treasurer, Mandy and Melanie for 9 years, as Vice Chairs and apart from organising the Police checks, Child Protection and First Aid training  booking the Leisure Centre and coaches all have been long term escorts and reserves and Charlotte joined us last year as Membership Secretary.

We are therefore very sad to have to tell you that although we will be running as usual through October and November, the Bopper Bus will not continue after Friday 9th December, but will finish with a Christmas ‘Farewell’ Party at 5.30pm in Chideock Village Hall, where the idea for the Bopper Bus was first introduced. You and all members, escorts, helpers, sponsors, past and present are invited to join us for a public thank you on behalf of the committee and all the children who have enjoyed the Bopper Bus. The party will end at 8.30pm so we really hope you will be able to drop in to say goodbye. We are very aware that we could not have kept this service running without your time and commitment and can never thank you enough.