SUPERFAST BROADBAND HERE AT LAST! latest information from the superfast team

We’ve finally had confirmation that the cabinet in Chideock is live. Residents will be able to upgrade to superfast broadband by contacting their internet service provider. Although the cabinet is live, not all of the broadband providers will offer a service straight away. Some provider can take a couple of weeks before they offer a service, and some providers may chose not to offer a fibre service at all. BT will offer a fibre service from the outset.

Now is the time to spread the word to the parish council and the residents of Chideock. Our website offers impartial help on how to upgrade which can be found here It is worth noting that we haven’t mapped the cabinet yet as we haven’t had the official data from BT to do that. In the meantime, if you or any of the residents have any questions, please direct them to our website or tell them to contact us at

We thank you all for your patience and perseverance.

Thomas Briscoe

Communications & Marketing Officer for Superfast Dorset

Dorset County Council  01305 228943