SOCC (Save our Clock Campaign) raises £7468.00 for The Clock Appeal.

6th April, The Clock House is devastated by fire.

SOCC (Save our Clock Campaign) held their last event at the end of April and are pleased to announce that a total of £7,468.00 has been raised towards the refurbishment and rebuilding of the Clock House.  The monies raised have been spent on refurbishment and rebuilding  and does not include any outside personal donations given to the family.

Accounts of Events

Anchor Inn at Seatown.                                        £115.92

Sponsored Walk                                                    £1353.50

Big Breakfast                                                         £552.50

Lost Souls                                                               £ 25.58

Anchor Burton Bradstock Clothes Party         £120.00

Isabel Ward Boxing Day Swim                          £650.00

Swishing Party at The George                            £201.00

Valentine Disco                                                      £512.50

Pubwatch Challenge                                             £258.00

Japanese Meal at Hell Farmhouse                    £430.00

Cream Tea and High Tea AT Chideock House  £539.00

Private Donations to the Appeal                       £2,710.00

TOTAL   £7468.00

We would like to thank everyone who has helped make all our events so successful and enjoyable. Mike and Helen are extremely grateful for the support shown to them by the generosity of those who have supported the Save Our Clock Campaign.  Please be assured that all the money raised will be ‘well spent’ in helping to refurbish The Clock and make it the welcoming community hub of our village once more.  Committee:  Sally & Gerry Coade, David Greenshields, Anna Dunn, Mark Oborne, Dave Dallas and Lyn Crisp.