OUR PUB – A poem by Tony Fuller



My wife and I through Chideock roam

Looking for a family home

Trying to find one that’s just right

A stone built cottage … lovely sight!

We find a home, our hearts desire

Our happiness could not be higher

A church nearby, a pub next door

What more could one be asking for


One day our hopes are blown away

Our hearts are broken on that day

I’ll not forget that awful sight

The pub was burning .. thatch alight

The fire rages ever higher

They can’t control this awful fire

The firemen struggle, to a man

Trying to save all that they can

Nothing can be done at all

There’s nothing left just bits of wall


The builders work around the clock

To build this pub in Chideock

The Landlord and his family too

Will soon be in a home that’s new


What a party, so much fun

Enjoyed by each and everyone

No one will mind the noise and din

Because …

Now we have our


Tony Fuller, March 2016