I’ve had a very kind offer today.  If you are interested in music and would like something To dance to,  sing to or just relax too contact Neil Kennedy who I have copied into this email or just get in touch with me and I will get Neil to contact you.
Please spread the word, thank you xx

This is the message I received from Neil…..
I have a massive music there are any types of music, singers, shows, groups etc they’d like me to compile CD’s for them I will.  Music is a great comforter and especially with the more elderly so therefore I’d like to extend that to whoever you’re in touch with in the village.  Regardless of era (I have a load of stuff I’ve either got or done for my dad which goes back to the 30s and 40s), I will record CD’s for them to listen to whilst holed up in their homes.

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Main Street  Chideock Dorset DT6 6JW