Georgie Porgie ‘Stairs’ and ‘Falling Down Stairs’!

The George, with the assistance of some dedicated regulars, have developed a couple of new drinks which they’d like to share. The inspiration for drink number one comes from the cockney rhyming slang “ Apple and Pears” meaning “ Stairs”. The inspiration for drink number two sort of followed on from this!


What you Will Need :-

  • A Pint Glass
  • Some Apple Cider
  • Some Pear Cider

The Process :-

Mix half a pint of apple cider with half a pint of pear cider!  Serve.

Falling Downstairs

What you Will Need :-

  • A Pint of Stairs
  • Possibly a friend to walk you home

The Process :-

Take a sip of about 25ml from your pint of Stairs.  Top pint glass up with Apply Brandy.  Serve.

Georgie Porgie says :-

Both of these drinks are very palatable and quite “more-ish” but it’s always wise to remember to drink responsibly!