Chideock Parish Council has obtained 100 plus sandbags from West Dorset District Council, to be used as necessary when there is flooding. These sandbags are mainly being stored by residents, for use by themselves and neighbouring properties. These “stores” are as follows:

Denys Brunsden, Vine Cottage, Seahill Lane.  01297 489768. To serve adjacent properties in Seahill Lane

Callum Crawford, Mervyn House, Main Street. 01297 489578. To serve adjacent properties, i.e Fairfax, By the Stream, Bridge Cottage, etc.,

Colin Bowditch, 2 Fairfax, Chideock. Tel: 01297 489567  to cover Fairfax etc.

Brenda Nattriss. 4 Bilberry Close.  01297 489962 to cover Bilberry Close, St.Anthonys & School House.

Roger Carey, 2 Pettycrate Lane. 01297 489782 to cover adjacent roads and properties, i.e. Seahill Lane.

Lyn Crisp, The Farmers Arms, Mill Lane. To cover Meadow Cottage, The Cottage, Trim and other properties

The remainder are held,  for EMERGENCY USE only in a storage bin in the Clock House Car Park – many thanks to Mike Long for allowing this.

Please note that the sandbags belong to the Parish Council and MUST be returned to where they came from once the flood event is over and the bags have dried out.