A35 Closures March 202

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To whom it may concern




SWH/BBISjv is the Managing Agent Contractor for Connect (A30/A35) Limited, the concessionaire responsible for the operation and maintenance of the A30 and A35 between Exeter and Bere Regis.


SWHBBISjv on behalf of Connect A30 A35 limited and National Highways are carrying out road marking and road stud renewal through Dorset. In order to carry out these works safely we need to close the A35 in sections.  These works are mobile in nature meaning that they will progress along the length of the closure each night. This means that the hard stop will move hour by hour.


Access for residents will be available, however delays should be expected.


Residents should proceed along the A35 and  on arriving at a manned stop advice will be given on the best route to take.


The A35 will be closed between 20:00 hours and 06:00 hours at the following locations and dates;


Hunters Lodge to Crown Roundabout from 7th March to 12th March

Bridport to Dorchester from Friday 11th March to Saturday 10th March

Dorchester By Pass from Friday 18th March to 22nd March

Stinsford to Bere Regis from Wednesday 23rd March to Saturday 26th March


Thanks you for your patience and understanding.


Kind Regards




Tracey Cann

Administrator | Balfour Beatty | Major Projects / Highways South / A30 A35 DBFO

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Rockbeare Hill, Rockbeare, Exeter, Devon, EX5 2HB.