Fundraising Help For Bertie

You can buy my raffle tickets in lots of places locally:

  • Chideock Stores
  • George Inn Chideock
  • The Clock Chideock
  • The Shed Hair and Beauty Boutique, Symondsbury
  • The Anchor, Burton Bradstock
  • My Mum and her friends – Carolyn, Carol, Lyn and Heather

Here are just some of the raffle prizes which have all been generously donated by local businesses and individuals:

Hello Everyone, I’m Bertie, a 4 year old chocolate Labrador, and I’ve lived in Chideock all my life with my mum, Carolyn, who is the best mum in the world. We are a good duo – she’s always there for me with plenty of cuddles and playtime and always tries to include me in whatever she does.  I look out for her too.

You may have seen us walking around the village and down the lane to my favourite place, Seatown beach, but lately I’ve not been able to do this because I’ve got this poorly knee. It all started about 9 months ago when I slipped and damaged the tendons around my back right knee. It’s got to the stage now where I can’t put much weight on that leg so I’m hobbling around on 3 and a half legs, walking a bit wonky and limited with distance.  Mum’s taken me to the vet a few times and they’ve recommended a procedure to correct it and say I shouldn’t be walking much in the meantime otherwise I could make it worse. This makes me sad as I love to be outdoors, but mum instead lets me sit on the front garden wall sometimes so i can watch the world go by. The procedure is a lot of money (£2000 + followup treatment) and is not covered by my Mums pet insurance anymore.  I know this is causing Mum a lot of worry as I’ve heard her discussing this with her friends.

I hate to see Mum worried, especially as I know she works so hard doing 4 part time jobs just so she can have flexibility to be with me at different times of the day.

I can get a bit bored when she’s at work but it gives me time to think.  One day I had the bright idea that I could perhaps raise the money myself to fund my own operation!  So, with the help of Mum’s friends and my best friend Buddy, we have come up with the idea of doing a raffle with some great prizes (see below).  We’re also holding a fete in Chideock playing field on 26th August when the raffle will be drawn.  We hope you can come along and enjoy the afternoon with us and I really look forward to saying hi to you all.

love from BertieHopefully we can raise enough to get me walking to Seatown again. I’ve heard they sell doggy ice cream down there now so I’m really looking forward to going again.

Fundraising So Far….

So far we have raised £2,182 towards our £4,000 target!

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